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How to Cope with Challenges D365 Business Central Users Face in the Field

The planning and execution part of field service tasks is one of the things lacking in the Dynamics 365 Business Central service management module.  

Together with MicroPartner, Resco provided Granzow with a solution that resolved their biggest challenges – employee tracking, order planning and scheduling. 

It allowed them to better schedule orders, efficiently track employees and have offline access to all the data and documents. 

In this Fireside chat, we will:

  • Explore the challenges Business Central users face in the field and how to deal with them
  • Show you the best practices from Resco and MicroPartners´s solution for Granzow
  • Discuss why is the offline capability still so crucial for field service  

Thanks to the Resco Cloud integration, organizations can easily integrate Resco with Business Central, opening a world of new possibilities.


Matthijn Hoogenboom, Consultant and Project manager at MicroPartner

Kenneth Vandal Andersen, Senior Developer at MicroPartner

Ivan Stano, COO & Chief Evangelist at