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Governance in Microsoft’s Modern Workplace: Supporting a Hybrid Workforce

The pandemic has accelerated the global transition to a hybrid work lifestyle by at least 5 years. Many organizations were not prepared for this change and are struggling to address governance in the changing work environment. They must update or establish new standards that both provide adequate controls and address the needs of their industry. Trying to implement governance while concurrently adapting to the new way of working is a daunting task for any organization.

In this on-demand session, you will learn more about how organizations working with Microsoft 365 solutions, from SharePoint Online to Teams to Outlook, are making sense of governance in the world of hybrid work. We discuss:

  • What is governance in Microsoft’s Modern Workplace environment?
  • Identifying the digital workplace tools that form the employee's digital experience
  • How to leverage Modern Workplace tools like M365 and D365 to address challenges in your industry