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D365 Finance & Operations: Creating a Frictionless Logistics and Tax Experience

Every day, manufacturers manage numerous factors that can impact tax liabilities and logistics considerations. Everything from the equipment you use to produce goods, to the raw materials in your products, to the location of your warehouses, to your shipment methods. Each one comes into play when attempting to simplify your tax compliance and shipping operations. Add in the complexity of inventory management, rapidly changing regulations, customer demands, and workforce management, and your current tax and shipping management systems can become quickly overwhelmed.

Sovos and 3G are coming together to provide you with a new session on how tax and shipping compound the complexities of manufacturers and best practices to handle them with purpose-built software. Watch this webcast for insight on:

  • Common complexities for manufacturers including nexus obligations and transportation capacity
  • Approaches to handle growth including new jurisdictions / product offerings and maintaining relationships when handling more customers
  • Taking a proactive approach to unexpected changes including new requirements for customers or changes in regulations
  • Finding the right solution(s) for your organization’s needs