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Automate Microsoft Dynamics Testing Inside & Out: Ascensus and Leapwork Case Study

Ascensus, a financial services company, saw the value in no-code test automation and were looking for a partner to help them create and maintain it more effectively. With Leapwork, they now test their own code - as well as the inner workings of Dynamics. In this webcast, you’ll hear how Ascensus uses visual test automation to speed production, minimize bugs, and eliminate downtime.

In this on-demand webcast,  Ascensus’s MSDynamics experts unravel their QA transformation success story. Leapwork’s Chief Evangelist Sune Engsig leads a conversation with Dan Madden, Ascensus’s Director of CRM, and Monica Stehr, Ascensus Product Owner.

In this session we cover:

  • Ascensus’s main challenges with testing Dynamics
  • Best practices in implementing an Automation strategy