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After the Oops: Service Recovery Saves the Day!

Despite our best intentions, mistakes – ranging from trivial to catastrophic – happen. Successful organizations seek to reduce errors and develop strategies for how to address them. Service recovery is the process by which organizations react to and recover from a poor customer experience. The best organizations have intentionally designed approaches, as opposed to leaving the situations to chance. In this session, Mary Malone will define and describe successful approaches to service recovery, and introduce the concept of how service recovery can create a Wow! experience for your customers.

In this free webinar, our Customer Engagement Specialist Mary Malone, MS, JD, will explore the following:

-What is an Oops?

-Defining Service Recovery

-The 5-As of Service Recovery

-Service Recovery as a Wow!

-Cultural Components of Successful Service Recovery

Mary co-authored Making it Right: Service Recovery in Healthcare and has researched service recovery across multiple industries. Mary brings more than three decades of experience using survey data, process improvement, leadership development, and a sense of humor to improving customer experiences.