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PowerObjects client UL needed to train six hundred sales people in the organization’s new CRM system on four-week timeline to representatives across the globe. UL needed a partner that could develop and implement a training program around their system that could be rolled out in a short amount of time. Check out their video case study to see how PowerObjects created a training program for UL to successfully launch the initiative.

Red Door Company uses Microsoft Dynamics CRM and PowerObjects’ suite of PowerPack add-ons to centralize their customer data, manage leads, automate marketing, provide mobile access to data, streamline their customer feedback process, and ensure responsive customer service.

Medica needed a solution that would give them easy access to business intelligence, integrate with other Microsoft technologies, and enable effective communications across departments—all on a rapid timeline. This is why Medica implemented Microsoft Dynamics CRM with PowerObjects as their partner. Key benefits include a rapid design, build, and launch timeline allowing Medica to roll out the solution quickly; the ability to extract, update, and modify data without needing developer resources; and consolidate customer history easily accessible from one place.

Cenergistic has been dedicated to helping organizations reduce consumption of electricity, natural gas, fuel, oil, and water for over three decades. Their use of technology has been paramount to the success of their business, and the success of their clients. See how Microsoft Dynamics CRM and a partnership with PowerObjects has helped Cenergistic manage their vast amounts of data, streamlined their business processes, and enabled them to create a mobile application that gives their employees in the field the power to enter and manage data in real-time.

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM and PowerObjects’ PowerSuccess service-as-a-subscription program, Kelly Roofing is able to effectively use their CRM online solution to streamline its sales and marketing processes, improve service management, estimating, and job costing capabilities and increase overall customer service effectiveness and response times.

By making the switch to Parature, from Microsoft, and partnering with PowerObjects, Monoprice has a flexible solution that provides better real-time insight into their data, helps them assess business needs, and allows their agents to deliver efficient and effective customer service.

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Adaptive Solutions needed a cost effective and scalable system to help them improve collaboration, stay connected with their consultants located around the world, and provide data analytics to better understand their customers. By partnering with PowerObjects to implement Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Office 365, Adaptive Solutions is now able to work more cohesively, utilize metrics and analytics effectively, and improve their user adoption.

BGM TruNorth Wealth Partners needed a fully customizable CRM solution and decided to switch to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 after utilizing a CRM system specific to the wealth management industry that lacked customization capabilities. When the previous partner they were working with decided to no longer support customizable CRM platforms, BGM TruNorth selected PowerObjects as their new Dynamics CRM partner. They chose PowerObjects because of their expertise in the training of advanced customization techniques and one-on-one education options.

Integration between Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and other enterprise data sources, including Trek’s JDE ERP system, has helped develop a more complete picture of Trek’s dealers and customers, while the introduction of Yammer has enabled people to collaborate within Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online—replacing email and instant messaging for certain workgroups.