Finance and Operations Case Studies

AiM Inspections achieves ASC 842 compliance using Property Lease Management for Microsoft Dynamics

published by
Binary Stream

AiM operates as a lessee with around 550 leases to manage. In addition to two offices in Long Beach, California, and Detroit, Michigan, the bulk of their leases come from vehicles that they lease for their inspectors who travel across America to perform inspections on their clients. AiM used Microsoft Access to manage these leases—this system was not embedded into a robust ERP and was siloed, causing issues with accessing information in real time. They quickly realized that this solution was not robust enough for such a large-scale operation. 

ALPA - Making a difference every day with ExFlow D365 FO

published by
SignUp Software

This case study shows how: ALPA since the introduction of ExFlow has seen a reduction of “at least 50 percent” in the time it takes to post invoices. These time efficiencies have allowed one full time financebofficer to reduce their hours by 37 percent, with their team now able to perform morebanalytical tasks to grow their business. “If I had to describe ExFlow in three words, it would be Innovative, Transparent and Paperless” says Ken.