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Wipro and Cegal partner with Microsoft to support Energy Data Services

by MSDW Reporter
Editorial Team,
October 02 2022

Wipro and Cegal have partnered with Microsoft to help operationalize Microsoft Energy Data Services, a data management and standardization offering  intended to support advanced analytics and machine learning apps in the energy industry.

Wipro is a major contributor to the open-source OSDU Forum that works to support cloud-native data platforms for energy companies. Through the partnership, Wipro will support data centralization, bringing together IoT, downhole sensor, and fiber optic drilling data. Additionally, Wipro’s capabilities will support SaaS, PaaS, data consistency, low-cost archiving, and real-time data acquisition, according to the company.

For its part, Cegal recently launched the Cetegra offering with the goal of improving app and data access.

“Existing data foundation platforms are complex, dominated by service and technology providers, and do not readily maximize the benefit of emerging technologies, such as data interoperability and analytics, due to significant legacy content. Furthermore, to date within E&P there has only been limited acceptance of technologies arising from other industries, including the adoption of cloud and Open Source,” stated Microsoft principal program manager, Kadri Umay.

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