Why did Microsoft add Modern Approvals for Dynamics 365 Project Operations?

January 25 2022

Time entry approvals in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Operations used to be an issue when approving in bulk. When project managers (PMs) used to bulk-approve time entries (typically 100 or more), a lot of those approvals used to get stuck in the queue, requiring a rigorous process to go back and check which are really approved and which are stuck in a pending state.


Microsoft has introduced Modern Approvals to improve these issues in Project Operations. To use it, start by enabling the feature on the Project Operations environment and open the Parameter record which is highlighted. There you shall see the option to enable this feature in the Ribbon Control as seen in the next screenshot.

Note: once enabled, it cannot be disabled.

Then we need to set the threshold, which decides the number of time entries to be approved synchronously. The prescribed threshold from Microsoft is 5.

Now when project managers approve a larger set of time entries, let’s say for 100, they are all put in an approval set and Project Operations tries to approve them asynchronously until all the time entries are approved successfully. Below is where you can check the project related approval sets.

Nevertheless, there can be some instances where there are failures in approving the time entries. These failures logs are also maintained in the approval set logs.

When the time entries are approved and the approval set record is created, it is in the active state and can be viewed in the "Active Approval Sets" view in the project.

As soon as all the time entries in the approval set are approved, the state of this approval set become inactive and can be viewed in the Inactive Approval Sets view over the project.


Modern approvals have turned out to be a boon for the project managers when it comes to this tedious process of time entry approvals. PMs can now trust the system that all the time entries will be approved successfully and without manual intervention.

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