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Use Web-Based Options to Squeeze More Out of Microsoft Dynamics GP

by Paul Farrell
President, Wizard Productivity Systems,

For the foreseeable future, the name of the game in business will be to get more out of what you're already using, without exorbitant spending. While labels for this process will vary, the essential objective is value improvement.

Microsoft Dynamics GP offers an excellent example of the opportunity potential for value improvement available to most companies. Much like wotj Microsoft Office and other commonly-used Microsoft  applications, companies using GP often learn areas used most frequently-leaving substantial functionality at the starting gate.

In a booming economy, many companies will default to contacting their implementation vendor or partner when they need to squeeze more out of their GP. In this economic environment, that option has gone by the wayside for many. Yet, the need for value improvement is greater now than ever-in large part because adding functionality and understanding helps users get more efficiency out of GP. This, in turn, makes it a more powerful and robust tool for improving the bottom line.

The best way to expand GP functionality without breaking the bank is to utilize web-based consulting specialists. Substantial advances in such areas as self-directed training included with the software and online training/educational programs make it easy and affordable to use web-based consultants to serve as training/learning partners. Reputable online partners will generally charge a fraction of the typical bill for onsite consulting, with comparable or even better results.

To make sure your experience with web-based consulting is positive, find a specialist willing to talk in terms of cost-effectiveness and time efficiency-in other words, best benefits-to-price ratio. One tool to help determine if a prospective online consultant is seeking to improve value for you (versus just lining their pockets), is the issue of ...

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About Paul Farrell

Paul Farrell is president of Wizard Productivity Systems (, developer of the Wizard Accounting Solutions for purchasing, installing and learning Microsoft Dynamics® GP and SL. Paul has more than 25 years of management and business development experience as well as in-depth knowledge of the Internet, media and enterprise software industries. Paul has held executive positions managing high-level client relationships at such renowned companies as AOL, where he served as Senior Vice President of Business Development. He has a wealth of experience in developing and leading highly effective multi-disciplinary teams.

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