How Microsoft Adapted Dynamics NAV for a Brand New Tablet Audience in 2015

February 26 2015

On July 11, 2002, Microsoft purchased Navision A/S, a Danish firm responsible for the development of an accounting package that had gained popularity in Europe. Fast-forward 13 years: the product that we now know as Microsoft Dynamics NAV has changed, evolved and added more features than ever.

One of the most significant updates in recent history is Dynamics NAV 2015, not because of the number of changes, but because of the shift in focus that NAV 2015 represents.

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The Tablet client is great new stuff! The only drawback is it requires constant access to the Internet, tablets (7' screen size or more), and NAV 2015. Many companies using NAV 4 to NAV 2013 or needing offline mode deploy partner solutions like Dynamics Mobile BR,