Teams collaboration with Dynamics 365 Project Operations: Getting Started

December 21 2020

Users of Dynamics 365 Project Operations often ask for a better way to collaborate in Microsoft Teams, and a new app experience has now arrived.

There are many ways in which Teams can be used to boost collaboration and efficiency while reducing reliance on email. The following blog with explain you how the Dynamics 365 app for Teams works.

By adding the Dynamics 365 App to Teams you can use Project Operations inside teams. There is no need to step out of Teams for anything related to Dynamics work.

This app in general is for all the Dynamics 365 apps built upon Dataverse and the Power Platform, be it the Sales app, Customer Service, Project Operations, or others. The benefit of working with Project Operation within Teams is the improved collaboration as project execution is in process. Many of the workflows of a typical project require constant email correspondence. That work can now be done via Teams, keeping inboxes clean and ensuring the right people stay informed.

In this article we will explain how your teams can get started working with Dynamics 365 Project Operations projects from within Teams. We will walk through the setup and explore two ways that Teams collaboration can replace traditional ways of working.

1. Adding a Dynamics 365 App in Teams.

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