Power BI Insights: Processing Analysis Services tasks; Columns in models; SharePoint imports; Field Finder

November 22 2020

Power BI pros share insights on visualizing Analysis Services tasks, which columns appear in data models, importing files from SharePoint and using the Field Finder.

Visualizing processing Analysis Services tasks

Chris Webb shared his excitement about a new Profiler event type in Power BI Premium Gen2. Job Graph allows visualization of Azure Analysis Services processing jobs. Initially, data returned by Job Graph is almost impossible to make sense of in Profiler. But Webb explained that users can export Job Graph event data as XML, then rely on Gantt charts in HTML or create DGML diagrams in Visual Studio.

Webb generated a DGML diagram showing nodes in a semi-circle representing eight jobs processing in the attribute hierarchy table, and with critical path node marked in black.

He wrote:

I think this is going to be really useful when I’m troubleshooting processing performance problems. It would also be really cool to have this in DAX Studio (hint, hint)…

Figuring out what columns are left out of a Power BI data model

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