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Signs that it is time to integrate Magento and Microsoft Dynamics AX

by Anudeep Ananth
Assistant Marketing Manager, i95Dev, i95Dev
October 18 2018

For many organizations, Magento is the best e-commerce platform choice because it is scalable and easy to customize. Up and coming online stores that think long term and are ready to invest in customizations instead of depending on proprietary e-commerce platforms often opt for Magento.

Simultaneously, when those organizations have growth and cross-border ambitions in mind, they have often adopted Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP because of features such as inventory management, accounting and tax, and the system's ability to handle multiple currencies.   

Now, with a growing e-commerce operation in the equation, the operations become more complex and critical. Any organization with this scenario will eventually reach a point at which they see the need to combine their Magento e-commerce with Dynamics AX. Certain telltale signs help you understand when it is finally the time to integrate your e-commerce with your ERP system.

1. When you are facing data redundancy

This is a common reason for any growing e-commerce business, be it B2B or B2C. With an increase in orders there is even more pressure on your resources. It simply becomes too cumbersome to handle the processes manually. Online stores face problems like data duplication, incorrect product information and errors in shipping.

This kind of information mismatch takes a toll on order processing, customer satisfaction and brand image, resulting in missed delivery deadlines or delivery of the wrong products. If your e-commerce business is facing these kind of situations, consider it is a major red flag.

2. Not able to maintain tax compliance

This aspect is seldom talked about during e-commerce requirements even though it is critical. Failure to comply with tax regulations can attract fines and interest on back taxes to your business. ...

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