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Shorten the journey for leads to sales with a lead assignment and distribution automation app

by Sam Kumar
VP | Dynamics 365 | Power Platform, Inogic

Sales is the focal point of every business organization. Demand for a product or service generates new opportunities for an organization to succeed. And in this competitive marketplace, the deciding factor for success is sales performance.

Sales leads are precious, but only a fraction of them convert to sales. Two factors explain the challenge of closing sales leads: response time (how quickly you respond to leads) and nature of response (how do you respond). In highly competitive markets, this response time can make or break deals. The only way to decrease the response time is to assign the incoming leads quickly to the respective salespersons, which is practically impossible in case of manual processing. The alternative is to automate the assignment of leads through an app that specializes in this task and works with your CRM.

Here are few points to look out for when selecting a robust lead assignment and distribution automation app for Dynamics 365 CRM.

Multiple assignment rules

With a sales automation app, the leads generated through various marketing activities are assigned to CRM users on the basis of assignment rules. Generally, an assignment rule is based on a round robin algorithm in which leads are equally distributed among users (salesperson) in the sales team. Another assignment rule used to distribute leads looks at capacity, where the individual capacity of a user (salesperson) is taken into consideration while assigning leads. Under this rule, an experienced salesperson can be allocated more leads as compared to an inexperienced one. This ensures that each team member is equally loaded as per their capacity. Apps providing this basic combination of rules are definitely worth looking at.

Automatic assignment of existing leads

The main focus of automation apps is to assign incoming leads in CRM to the sales team. But most of the time, there are leads already in CRM that are yet to be assigned as the process was done manually before. Apps that enable automatic assignment of these existing leads definitely add value by reducing the manual workload of CRM users.

Multiple check points to assign leads

There are many factors to consider while assigning leads in CRM. For example, in case of multiple assignment rules, which rule should be executed first? For example:

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