Same Day Delivery: Viable or Not?

May 25 2014

Human beings are not well known for our ability to exude an air of patience at all times. In fact, I'm sure that there were complaints about the wait for dinner on the day that fire was discovered. One initiative that's been gaining momentum with business owners in the retail environment is same-day delivery.

About Dave Carleton

Dave is the U.S. Practice Director for Manufacturing and Distribution at TARGIT, Dave has spent his entire career, over three decades, providing business solutions to the Manufacturing and Distributions industries. His practical experience includes program development, marketing, and sales with an education in accounting.

Dave's passion is twofold, providing and assisting individuals to reach their potential and helping businesses reach their potential through technology implementation.

Dave has spent the last five years consulting with Microsoft Dynamics ISV's to expand their businesses through channel development, branding, marketing, and direct sales. Prior to that, he was the founder and President of Maximum Business Solutions. Max Biz, as it was known as, was one of the fastest growing and recognizable ISV's in the Microsoft Dynamics eco system with solutions in WMS and Route Accounting. He proudly wears the title "Godfather of WMS."

Dave is married with three adult children.    

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TimBln's picture

Amazon in Germany already offers same day delivery. Not for all regions and not for all products, but for many of them. They use a typical carrier (DHL) with their service "Evening Express" to make this happen. I already used it but it is very expensive. You have to pay 13 Euro (about $18) per item. For Prime customers it's 5 Euro (about $7) per item. I can order items until 11:45 am and it is delivered between 6 and 8 pm. In fact my order was placed at 11am and delivered about 5pm. So: yes it is useful if you need an item very quick. But Germany is a small Country compared to the United States. So if you're a Prime customer, (almost) every order placed until 5 pm will be delivered the next day. So it is less attractive to use Evening Express.