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The Role of Time Tracking Software in Making Your Organization Profitable

by Ruth Ann Ellerbrock
President, Solomon Cloud Solutions, Solomon Cloud Solutions

It's ironic - sometimes the employees who are the best at their jobs can be the worst at accurately filling out their timesheets, recording time worked when they're supposed to (e.g., hourly, daily) - or even making these entries at all!

If you're a project manager, this disconnect forces you into the unpleasant position of being a "timesheet detective". Timesheet entries are missing - or sometimes the entire timesheet is missing, so you have to hunt down the responsible employee(s). Once you've collected the absent billing facts, even more of your day is spent logging this information. Later, after invoices have been sent, clients call for clarification regarding a vague or unclear line item and you lose additional time answering questions, revising billing records, and reissuing invoices.

The Importance of Complete Time Entry

Complete time entry is prompt, detailed, and accurate. It's also very important because it directly impacts project profitability. Without complete time entry, invoices cannot be created and sent on time. Additionally, inaccurate or incomplete invoices create billing questions that must be resolved before clients will cut checks. Both situations slow down the payment process, negatively affecting cash flow. If this becomes the operating norm, an organization can easily find itself strapped for cash.

Complete time entry, on the other hand, has just the opposite effect. Recognizing the importance of prompt, detailed, and accurate time entry supporting an efficient invoicing process is a strong contributor to a positive cash flow - and a consistently profitable organization.

So What's the Problem?

If time entry is so critical, then how can it end up becoming such a problem? Why are timesheets submitted late? Why are they lacking the proper details? Why are timesheets ...

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About Ruth Ann Ellerbrock

Ruth Ann is an experienced professional with 30+ years in the ERP industry helping customers through technical support, escalation management, business consulting, software purchase decisions, developing new software, integrating software solutions and maintaining software.

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She has been working with the SL product since 1985 when she first started as a Customer Service Rep at Solomon Software. Fast forward to today and as president of Solomon Cloud Solutions, her focus is still on building relationships with SL partners and customers alike by delivering exceptional service and quality support.