Reverse transactions in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, Part 1

February 21 2019

No business can avoid the need to reverse major transactions from time to time. Since Advanced Warehousing was added to Microsoft Dynamics AX and now Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, the reversal of transactions has become more involved, but it is still possible. For completeness, this two part article (second part here) will also remind the reader of the reverse transaction when Advanced Warehousing is not involved.

Part One

  • 1.1 Unship a shipped Sales order
  • 1.2 Unreceive a Sales RMA
  • 1.3 Unreceive a Purchase order
  • 1.4 Unship a Return purchase order

Part Two

  • 1.5 Unpick production order materials
  • 1.6 Un-consume production order materials
  • 1.7 Reverse reported asfFinished
  • 1.8 Transfer orders
  • 1.9 Project journals

1.1 Unship a shipped Sales order

Without Advanced Warehousing, the “Correct” and “Cancel” buttons on the Packing slip journal are used to unship a shipped sales order. However, if you do have Advanced Warehousing, the reversal of a shipped sales order can only be done via the load.

Step 1: The status of the sales line in the Inventory Transactions table is “Deducted”.


This means that a packing slip journal will exist.


Within the packing slip journal, the “Cancel” button will be disabled and even though the “Correct” button is enabled, it is not permitted for corrections.


To reverse the shipped sales order, go to the load details on the sales order line.


On the load there are two steps:

Step 1: Cancel the packing slip in the load details page. Under the ship and receive action pane, click on cancel packing slips.


Click “Yes” to continue canceling all packing slip lines related to the load.


If cancel packing slip fails, an error message like this will be displayed:

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