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Putting warehouse management on the Microsoft Dynamics AX map

by Bridget McCrea
Contributing Writer,

As corporations' interest in streamlined, secure supply chains continues to grow, demand for solid warehouse management systems (WMS) increases exponentially. As the systems that orchestrate the movement and storage of materials within a warehouse's four walls - plus the associated transactions like shipping, receiving, putaway, and picking - WMSs monitor the progress of goods as they make their way through the physical warehouse.

Up until it announced in July that it had signed a collaboration agreement to acquire Blue Horseshoe's Warehousing for AX (WAX) and Transportation for AX (TRAX) solutions, Microsoft lagged behind in the supply chain space. Now, with R3's pending release right around the corner, Dynamics customers are eager to see what new WMS capabilities will be fused into the solution.

"Everyone is waiting for the new release of R3 in April and whether it will make Dynamics' built-in WMS better than it was previously," says To-Increase's Senior Project Manager Guido van Osch. "Currently, Microsoft really can't compete with SAP on the WMS side." 

Acknowledging that no solution is a "one size fits all," Justin Carter, solution architect for Blue Horseshoe, says he expects AX 2012 R3's new functionality will be sufficient for some companies' warehousing and transportation needs. For others, it will be a foundation to build upon. "There should be many companies who find they no longer need separate warehousing and transportation system(s)," says Carter, "and can increase efficiency through implementing AX on its own."

Credit Microsoft's awakening to the fact that more organizations want better controls and visibility across the entire supply chain - warehouses included. Of particular interest right now ...

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