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PowerApps and Flow licensing update in October 2019: Microsoft plans to address pricing levels, simplicity

by MSDW Reporter
Editorial Team,
July 25 2019

Microsoft will change the licensing models of PowerApps and Flow in October 2019, the company confirmed today, following a reveal of the new plan at Inspire 2019. And the company confirmed initial pricing for the latest features of the Power Platform, PowerApps Portals and AI Builder.

Both PowerApps and Flow will offer a single per user plan with "full functionality" rather than the various license types offered today with different limitations. And each service will begin to offer a new option for more restricted usage. PowerApps will offer a "per app" plan at $10 per user per month as compared with the full per user price of $40 per month. Flow will offer a "per business process" price of $500 for five active workflows per month in addition to its per user price of $15 per month.

The blog post from Microsoft GM Charles Lamanna stated that the simplified model will also address capacity limits:

Going forward we are moving to a simplified model across PowerApps and Flow with a single, integrated approach for daily capacity limits to ensure a consistent quality of service. Organizations that require additional capacity for heavy usage scenarios will be able to reserve add-on capacity and assign it to specific users or processes.

AI Builder, the service offering pre-built machine learning models that can be added onto either PowerApps or Flow, will be available will be priced at $500 for 1 million service credits, which can be applied across an organization’s users for training and running AI models, according to Microsoft.

PowerApps Portals will ...

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