Microsoft reveals PowerApps Portals pricing and licensing approach

July 19 2019

Microsoft revealed new pricing and licensing for PowerApps Portals, the next generation of the Dynamics 365 Portal product that provides browser-based portals for people inside and outside of an organization.

PowerApps Portals will allow for both authenticated and anonymous access by external users and will offer pricing for both scenarios. And because it is a part of PowerApps, internal users will gain access following the same guidance they would for PowerApps canvas and model-driven apps.

The pricing was revealed at Inspire 2019, and Dynamics 365 consultant Tommi Oksanen snapped the screenshot above that explains the three levels of access to Portals. For external users, Microsoft will differentiate between anonymous and authenticated users. Access by authenticated users will be charged on a "per log-in" basis that has raised some confusion among people on Twitter. A log-in is defined as a twenty-four hour period of access by a single authenticated user, and one hundred such log-ins will cost $200 and will be charged on a monthly basis.

Microsoft has not posted a recording of the session at Inspire in which this information was explained.

According to Dynamics professionals who have Portals customer experience, the number of authenticated external logins to Dynamics 365 portals today can range from hundreds to tens of thousands per month. They all believed, given the limited information available so far on the pricing, that the new approach for PowerApps Portals will create a more expensive model that will force customers to scale down their use of Portals.

At last months' Business Applications Summit, Microsoft shared some metrics for portals from the last six months including:

  • 13,000 monthly active portals, up 33 percent in the last six months
  • 8.03 million monthly active users in the last month, up 180 percent in the last six months
  • 200 million pageviews per month – excluding bot traffic – which is 106 percent growth
  • 52 million monthly transactions, up 110 percent--this includes all CDS operations as well as log in and log out

Anonymous portal users will be priced on a simple per-page-view model - $100 per 100,000 page views.

For internal users, PowerApps Portals access is wrapped up in access to PowerApps afforded through other standard licensing models – via Dynamics 365 SKUs or PowerApps per app or per user licensing. Additional portal instances can be provisioned by at a price of $500 per month per portal.

For existing Dynamics 365 Portal portals, it appears Microsoft will grandfather in existing pricing – until they decide to end that some time in the future.

PowerApps Portals was announced in June as the successor to Dynamics 365 Portal that is fully decoupled from Customer Experience apps and will live alongside the two other types of PowerApps – canvas and model-driven. It has been promoted as a way to expose processes and data to external users with new mechanisms tied to Azure, PowerApps, and the Common Data Service.

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anna.kontsekova's picture

Question: One portal was free with Dynamics 365 online Enterprise Plan licenses, right? Does it mean that this portal will be priced now? (Situation: If I am at this moment considering to get one (and first) portal add-on for my Dyn365 for external authenticated users that I will be prompted to this new licensing model?)