Power Platform 24 is a new virtual event to learn about Dynamics 365, PowerApps, Flow and more

September 18 2019

A new community-driven virtual event focused on Microsoft Power Platform is about to launch, and at first glance it may seem like an endurance challenge. But Power Platform 24 is more about reaching a community that stretches around all the world's time zones than keeping people up through all hours of the day and night. The event will indeed run for 24 hours straight on September 25 and 26, encouraging participation globally in a single get together – and maybe a few all night viewing sessions.

Power Platform 24 comes out of XRM Virtual, the long-running virtual user group for Dynamics 365/CRM developers that, as the name suggests, was formed when "XRM" was still the term of art for many types of customization for Dynamics CRM. The group is still going strong, led by Julie Yack and others, as she told us last year on the MSDW Podcast. And the group's current interests reflect the changing interests of the members. They note some huge Microsoft growth numbers in the interview that follows, including a 3x growth in users and 7x growth in the number of PowerApps in the last year.  

Power Platform 24's lineup speaks for itself, with a mix of Microsoft MVPs and Microsoft employees doing the presenting in consecutive one-hour sessions. We posed a few questions to the organizing team to learn more about what the event is all about.

MSDW: Why did you choose a 24 hour approach?

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