Power BI Insights: Version control; Time matrix; Text between delimiters; Pareto analysis; Icons; Azure Data Share

July 23 2019

Power BI pros share their insights on Power BI Desktop version control, setting up a dynamic time matrix, removing text between delimiters, and more.

Version control for Power BI Desktop

Gilbert Quevalliers, writing on FourMoo, assessed the question of version control for Power BI Desktop files in the first part of a two part blog series. He recently found a way to enable source control while working with a client. Beginning with setting up an Azure DevOps account and accessing repos, Quevalliers proceeded to use Visual Studio 2019 Community Edition—one of a few options for working with Azure DevOps, along with Git. He used the Team Explorer option within Visual Studio to connect to Hosted Service Providers and to the data analysis project.

Dynamic time matrix

Seth Bauer, writing on Power BI Tips, observed that Excel users commonly have a "mixed bag" of columns, divided up into different time ranges. At times there can be a conflict between displaying data in a way familiar to high-level Excel users and divvying up the data to draw the best insights from it. Working with columns of days in the current week, weeks in current months, months to date, year to date, goal and forecast, Bauer created a dynamic time matrix with a time slicer for the different date ranges and for making sense of older datasets. He loaded data from Excel into Power Query, created calculated columns and a dissociated DAX table, setup measures, applied a matrix visual and created the time matrix, which he shared with his readers.

Removing text between delimiters

When working with Power Query, users can take advantage of a native capability that fetches text from between two delimiters. But so far, there hasn't been a way to remove text. Imke Feldmann, writing on BIccountant, shared a custom function she created called Text.RemoveBetweenDelimiter. To run the function, users need to add three parameters: The text and the first and second delimiter. According to Feldmann, the function is helpful for eliminating multi-line comments in M-code or DAX, or wiping out HTML tags.

Conducting Pareto analysis

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