Power BI Insights: HTTP endpoints; Audit Log; Excel refresh; Messy category data

January 13 2021

Microsoft Power BI pros share their insights on HTTP endpoint querying, Audit Log, refreshing Excel files and cleaning up messy data.

HTTP endpoints and querying Azure Analysis Services and Power BI Premium

Chris Webb often wondered about running queries against Azure Analysis Services and Power BI with a REST API. He uncovered a project by David Browne at Microsoft, which is available on GitHub. The sample is an HTTP proxy geared toward XMLA endpoints.

Implemented as an ASP.NET Core 5 API project, it allows users to post DAX queries receiving results back as JSON. Oriented for pass-through authentication from the client to the XMLA endpoint, it also fetches a token with a resource ID for the XMLA endpoint as an added security feature.

Seeing REST API calls with the Audit Log

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