Power BI Insights: Greater than and less than rules; Q&A buttons; Quick Access Toolbar; Premium datasets and Excel; Price histograms

July 8 2019

Power BI pros weigh in on setting up greater than and less than rules, problems with Q&A buttons, the benefits of using the Quick Access Toolbar and more.

Greater than and less than rules

Chris Webb delved into how to apply greater than and less than rules with Power BI. He recommends users select a table and choose the Advanced Controls under Conditional Formatting. The way Power BI displays the greater than and less than fields suggests both need to be entered. In fact, it's possible to just delete the zero filled into the less than field by default. Webb added that it's helpful to have background color formatting switched on, which color codes values.

In a subsequent example, Webb applied multiple colors to code values of zero, above zero and less than zero and event experimented with empty categories.

Q&A buttons

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