Podcast Review: Marko Perisic reflects on his time at Microsoft with Dynamics 365 Business Central

November 21 2018

Marko Perisic is moving on from Microsoft, where he was the general manager for Dynamics 365 Business Central and the legacy SMB ERP products. Just after his departure, he joined the MSDW podcast for a look back at his twelve years working for Microsoft.

Surprises about the Dynamics community

When he got involved in Dynamics, Perisic was surprised by the scope of the partner community.

I didn't recognize the scale [at first], the power and the personal passion [of the partner channel]. One thing I loved about my job was hearing about a partner building a new solution in a different country. That's when I realized how vastly scaled out these businesses are. When you push the right buttons [Business Central is] unstoppable. You see it by the numbers and by the overall market response. The passion part I've learned through the years. I think [partners] have a general motivation to see happy customers.

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