Open Letter to Microsoft: Love Your Dynamics Users

Dear Microsoft,

The pivot in Microsoft's business conference strategy that started with Convergence 2015 and will be fully realized at Convergence 2016

Your Microsoft Convergence is a great conference for people focused on Microsoft Dynamics. I have been to the last 10 Convergences as an attendee, presenter and an exhibitor. From all three perspectives I have found it to be a highly valuable event. After reading Anya Ciecierski's (Cal Business Solutions) article recently I was inspired to add my thoughts.

There has been a great deal of talk recently about planned changes for Convergence 2016. The two main changes as I understand them are:


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About Martin Olsen

He was a bad accountant who took a job at an ERP helpdesk. 15 years later he owns and runs eOne Solutions, with 20,000 customers using eOne Products. SmartConnect is now a leading Integration solution for NAV, CRM, GP, Dynamics 365 and many cloud software solutions. With businesses turning more and more to 'best of breed' cloud applications, integration is more important than ever to keep your business efficient.

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Are you kidding?

Anything run by Micro$oft is about Micro$oft , period.

Customers are simply cows to be milked.

Right on the money

You have got it absolutely right Martin.
Dynamics Users' key interest is what is happening with the Dynamics products they use.
The rest of the Microsoft product platform is clearly of interest, particularly given the level of integration to the stack that now exists. However, it is Dynamics, and how the rest of the product stack leverages and extends the capabilities of the Dynamics products that is the focal point for users.

Pat Tohill

Thank You


I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to write this. I have been waiting for someone in the Partner community or an MVP to speak up with an opinion expressing dismay at Microsoft's decision regarding Convergence.

Thank you!

Tim Foster

Thank you

Martin -

I totally agree with you!
I have attended many Convergences and like the ability to speak with the developers to educate myself and in some cases point out bugs.



I also hope that Microsoft of paying attention. It really doesn't seem like they understand who is attending Convergence as well as its purpose. Hopefully, if enough people make it known so they will understand. Microsoft really doesn't have a similar conference for any other product areas. For the Dynamics products, what makes selling the products difficult is also what makes the client base worthwhile.

The clients not only buy the functionality, but it becomes an intrinsic part of their organizations. It is really fairly easy to change email systems, but try changing the system that insures that orders are fulfilled or purchasing requirements or manufacturing requirements.

In addition, the typical MBS partner has a much deeper relationship with the customer than the other the other areas because of the depth of understanding that is required for the Partner assist in the implementations. Unfortunately, Microsoft does not seem to recognize the value of these relationships.