New ERP report notes implementation challenges, cloud hurdles

March 12 2014

A new report from Denver-based Panorama Consulting Solutions calculates that the average ERP implementation cost now hits $6.5 million, with an average implementation time of 16.1 months, and a preference for SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft Dynamics solutions. In its 2014 ERP Report, Panorama summarizes its own research into the experiences of ERP customers with regards to enterprise software, vendors, consultants, and implementations overall.

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Hi Bridget, Your article regarding ERP implementation statistics from Panorama is extremely on target and if anything, it's conservative. The real problem is not whether the ERP will be cloud based or on-premise, but rather in the poor requirements definition studies and benefits benchmarking work by many implementers. Further, ERP software companies with so called "enterprise" solutions present themselves as having everything a customer would ever want or need, which in my experience, has not been the case. Much of the blame also ultimately rests on the shoulders of the customer who allows organizational silos to dictate direction without regard to benefits realization. So much more to discuss ...... Aristides (Ari) P. Smith, President & CEO Next Generation Logistics, Inc. 1611 Colonial Parkway, Inverness IL 60067 USA Email: Office: 847-963-0007 Ext. 112 Fax: 847-963-0079 Hours: Mon - Fri, 8:00AM – 5:00PM CST