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MSDW Podcast: Why organizations need an AI adoption framework

by MSDW Reporter
Editorial Team,

This episode is sponsored by Mazars.

As Microsoft and other large technology firms accelerate their AI-related roadmaps, businesses have no choice but to reckon with how different technology will impact their employees, customers, and partners. Some AI tools will be relatively easy to deploy, like prebuilt capabilities coming to Microsoft Dynamics 365 apps via Copilot. Other uses of AI will require greater investment, carry different risk profiles, and raise new ethical, regulatory, and governance question. 

Ivan Cole, managing director at Mazars USA about AI adoption in the Microsoft space, joins us to these topics and expand on some of the points he and his colleague, Microsoft MVP Chris Segurado, raised in a recent webcast for the MSDW audience about adoption and momentum of AI in the Dynamics space.

As Ivan explains, all artificial intelligence isn’t created equal. With the popularity of generative AI, we are seeing a tendency for people to confuse it with other capabilities like machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP). Ivan explains how he untangles some of these fundamentals and shares his outlook on why an AI framework helps guide businesses in their approach to the various technologies. 

Show Notes:

  • 2:30 - What do people understand well about AI today and where do they need education?
  • 6:00 - How to harness an organization's enthusiasm to take advantage of AI capabililties in the Microsoft space
  • 12:30 - How AI's implementation could change specific roles in organizations
  • 16:00 - Looking for AI solutions that extend beyond what Microsoft offers out of the box
  • 18:30 - What it means to enable security and guardrails for AI adoption
  • 22:00 - Why organizations need to make rapid progress on their AI governance policies

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