MSDW Podcast: Jeremy Vyska on getting started with Dynamics 365 Business Central

April 28 2021

Jeremy Vyska has worked in the Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 space for  twenty years working in a variety of technical and consulting roles. His newest venture, Spare Brained Ideas, marks a new phase in his career as he gets more engaged with the community and develops products and services focused on education, professional development, and customer success. He is also now a published author, with his new e-book, Your First 20 Hours with Business Central, launching this week. Jeremy tells us about the motivation behind writing the book and how it aligns with his broader outlook on working in the Business Central ecosystem today.

Show Notes:

  • 2:00 - About Jeremy's new book and his work
  • 7:00 - The experience of virtual events and other digital spaces
  • 10:30 - Life in Sweden
  • 12:45 - Who can benefit from Jeremy's new book
  • 18:00 - Early response to the book, and the writing process
  • 21:15 - How headhunters and others can benefit from staying educated on the latest information in the Business Central ecosystem
  • 28:40 - Paying attention to the holistic needs of users and professionals, from continuing education and advocacy to onboarding
  • 35:30 - How user group communities could evolve with Microsoft's support
  • 42:00 - How is customer satisfaction with customers onboarding to BC?
  • 43:45 - How to get the new book

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