MSDW Podcast: Helping Microsoft Partners with Dynamics 365 Cloud Migration

September 29 2022

This episode is sponsored by Enavate.

Cloud ERP and CRM migrations remain a significant but challenging opportunity for Microsoft partners. From Dynamics GP and NAV to AX and CRM, Dynamics customers are planning for the future of their enterprise solutions, but the path forward is not always clear, both in terms of understanding the technical challenges and planning for the optimal future state.

Jennifer Ranz and Chad Sogge of Enavate join us on this episode to provide updates on their team's various upgrade and migration tools and programs. A significant portion of Enavate's effort is focused on working with other partners, they explain, because the demand for cloud migration projects remains high even as partner organizations remain stretched.  We discuss the launch of the Dynamics 365 Business Central assessment tool developed by Enavate and its role in the channel. Chad also provides an update on enterprise migrations to F&O and CE.

And we discuss what the upgrade and migration landscape looks like overall today, both for partners and for customers. Many of the challenges, risks, and opportunities of the past look very different today, they say, and we discuss how the technology and methodologies have improved.

Show Notes:

  • 2:00 - What's new in upgrade services and tools at Enavate
  • 3:30 - The launch of the Dynamics GP to D365 upgrade & migration assessment tool
  • 6:45 - How partners should think about using the GP to Dynamics 365 assessment tool
  • 8:45 - What partners should do if they are not ready to support a Dynamics 365 migration
  • 11:30 - How GP customers can get access to the assessment tool (and share the findings with their partner)
  • 15:45 - Observations based on aggregated, non-identifiable usage metadata from the assessment tool
  • 20:15 - What's new in standard migration assessments to Dynamics 365 F&O and CE and how partners work together on white labeled services
  • 23:45 - Making the channel economic case on increasing the volume of enterprise migrations to the cloud
  • 26:45 - What NAV customers need in an assessment tool for moving to Business Central

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