Microsoft made two rounds of updates to Dynamics Lifecycle Services in February

February 21 2019

The Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services team continues to steadily enhance the platform. In February 2019 they have made two rounds of updates, including new access options, validators, and testing capabilities.

Some of the features in February 2019 release 1 earlier in the month include:

  • Maintenance mode for environments deployed using self-service deployment
  • Database movement operations: import and point-in-time restore
  • New options for sandbox environments including database imports from a developer environment to a standard user acceptance test and database point-in-time restore
  • Production point-in-time restore service requests, which is designed for customers performing destructive testing in their production environments as part of a “mock go live” activity
  • Data upgrade preview packages for Dynamics365 for Finance and Operations version 10.0 in the shared asset.
  • A validation in LCS that will detect if the binary versions of Financial Reporter are different between the source and target environment and prevent a database refresh.

Features in the second release, this week, include:

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