Microsoft highlights support for automotive innovation at the Frankfurt Motor Show

September 9 2019

In the lead-up to the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show, Microsoft is touting its Connected Vehicle Platform (MCVP) and Microsoft for Startups: Autonomous Driving. The Autonomous Driving program is intended to help startups develop self-driving car technology for delivery, ride-sharing and long-haul transit. In addition to existing partners such as Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi or VW, MCVP is expanded to include LG Electronics' webOS Autoplatform along with Cubic Telecom and Faurecia.

Microsoft's partner announcements around the event include: 

  • TomTom is containerizing its HD Maps and Traffic services for MCVP and using Azure Maps along with Moovit.
  • Daimler is using Azure Key Vault-based eXtollo for advanced analytics.
  • BMW is continuing to work on the Open Manufacturing Platform with Microsoft, while Icertis sets up its Contract Management blockchain on Azure.

As one of several major industry accelerators for Dynamics 365, the Microsoft Automotive Accelerator will also be highlighted at the show, along with Microsoft partner Annata's efforts to develop and use the accelerator in its industry-focused business solutions.

The Autonomous Driving platform grants selected startups up to $120,000 of free Azure services to help get started, including autonomous driving capabilities and access to engineers or program managers. So far, some of the startups in the program include Ascent Robotics, which is developing neural networking for complex driving situations, Udelv, with its focus on retail delivery or Linker's AI-based labeling.

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