Microsoft has started setting Dynamics 365 CE Unified Interface transition dates. Do you know yours?

December 10 2019

Microsoft has been advising for months that its Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement customers must prepare to transition off the legacy web client and onto the Unified Interface. They had even set a deadline for completing the transition: October 1, 2020.

But customers may not know that Dynamics 365 CE cloud systems are being given transition dates much sooner, as early as January 2020 according to some reports. And some Dynamics 365 experts are now raising the alarm that customers need to check to find out if their instances already have a date set by Microsoft.

"This is something every single Dynamics 365 CE Online customer needs to know about or else they could potentially show up one day to work and everything would be on the new interface, which could be a real problem if you rely on customizations and functionality that does not work in the new interface," said Microsoft MVP Gus Gonzalez of Elev8 Solutions.

In a new video in his "Two Minute Tuesday" series, Gonzalez walks through the details of how to find out if Microsoft has scheduled a system to be transitioned. And, he explains, the system owner can request a delay if needed, though only up to 60 days from the date that Microsoft originally set.

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