Microsoft Dynamics Partner Roundup: SMB ERP transition; MES for GP; Quality management

November 19 2021

In this week's Microsoft Dynamics Partner News Roundup:

  • Kopis develops SMB launch platform for fast ERP transitions
  • TIPQA QMS provider partners with CloudFronts for D365 integration to bolster US manufacturing capabilities
  • ShopVue and Alta Vista Technology launch a referral partnership

Kopis develops SMB Launch Platform for fast ERP transitions

Software developer Kopis has developed the Kopis SMB Launch Platform, built on the Dynamics 365 Business Central platform. It is designed to move small businesses to Business Central using only the modules they need, according to the company. This tool also allows Kopis to develop a personalized demo based on the modules customers select, speeding up the process and allowing them to transition faster. Additionally, business owners can spread the implementation cost over two years.

"SMB Launch allows business to pay only for what they need and to break those cost out into predictable, monthly payments over two years," said Andrew Kurtz, president and CEO of Kopis. "This is the first ERP implementation option that puts the business in complete control over what they need."

TIPQA QMS provider partners with CloudFronts for Dynamics 365 Integration to bolster US manufacturing capabilities

CloudFronts Technologies has been selected by TIP Technologies, a provider of integrated quality management solutions for U.S. manufacturers, to help carry out its TIPQA software integration with Microsoft Dynamics.

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