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From the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Blogs: SP1 Action Categories; Transform a ListPlus Page Into a FactBox; Create Handler Functions in NAV Testing Framework

by Jared Berezin

AV 2009 SP1 Action Categories: Waldo defines and explains how to work with action categories in the development environment, in configuration mode, and how to make your own categories.

How to Transform a ListPlus Page Into a FactBox: The NAV Team Blog provides the basics on how to integrate the Item Availability by Location directly as FactBoxes: “In several places in NAV 2009 SP1, it has been used ListPlus pages in order to display two-dimension matrix. Those ListPlus Pages may be customized in order to be arranged as FactBoxes directly inside a main page (Document, Worksheet, etc.). The main concept of those kind of two-dimensional matrix pages is that they have a Page Part with a List that is updated every time a value is changed in the analysis parameter bounded to fields and/or variables that belongs directly to the ListPlus.”

How to Create Handler Functions in the NAV Testing Framework: From Veerendra Chundru’s blog: “Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 SP1 inclu/des the following features to help you test your application:

  • Test codeunits
  • Test runner codeunits
  • UI handlers
  • ASSERTERROR statement

Application Test Toolset provided by Microsoft includes the Test Runner and sample Test Codeunits. To create automated tests, you must write code to handle all UI interactions so that the tests do not require user interaction when running. To do this, you create the following special handler functions…”

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