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May 31 2019

This week on the Dynamics GP blog roundup:

  • Dynamic GP's drop ship blanket purchase orders can save you time
  • Sales and purchasing documents do not print in GP
  • GP quick tips
  • GP: User ID value is not consistently recorded when a new batch is created

Dynamic GP's drop ship blanket purchase orders can save you time

On the ERP SoftwareBlog, an author from Crestwood Associates stated that by using Dynamics GP companies can streamline the process of repeatedly ordering the same items from a vendor and then drop shipping them to the same customers.

In the blog post, the author explained how repetitious and time-consuming this process typically is. However, the author added that you can save a lot of extra steps with the right process.

Just use a Drop Ship Blanket Purchase order into Dynamics GP to send all the customer-related information to your vendor.

Then you have to add release lines to the PO each time the customer orders and finally email the vendor and let the company know what quantity to ship on what date.

You can find out how to set up blanket purchase orders here.

Sales and purchasing documents do not print in Microsoft Dynamics GP

On the Dynamics GP Support and Services Blog, Angela Eckman Ebensteiner pointed out that sometimes you aren’t able to print purchase order or sales order documents from sales batches or from the print sales-purchasing documents window.

In fact, nothing comes up on the screen or goes to the printer. But you can print from the sales transaction entry window or purchase order entry window. There may be a good reason why this is happening, she stated.

When you print a document, there is a flag in the backend that indicates if the document has been printed or not. Once a document is printed/emailed, the field gets updated and when you try to reprint the document in either a batch (for Sales) or from Print Sales/Purchasing Documents, the code is written to exclude those documents from the print.

You can find out how to get want previously printed documents to print here.

Dynamics GP quick tips

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