From the Microsoft Dynamics GP Blogs: Bulk export; Clear companies script; GP crashes

December 28 2018

This week on the Microsoft Dynamics GP blog roundup:

  • Bulk export Dynamics GP document attachments using .NET
  • Clear company scripts and custom tables
  • Dynamics GP 2018 R2 – transaction level posting allows posting "through" the general ledger
  • GP crashes or closes when emailing after Microsoft Office updates

Bulk export Dynamics GP document attachments using .NET

On his blog, Steve Endow wrote about how to export all of the documents that are attached to Dynamics GP customers.

He had previously written about how to export a single document attachment by using BCP as well as by using .NET, which didn't have any features for filtering or organized export of attachments.

So he decided to update the .NET solution so a user can select a database and record type, and indicate whether deleted attachments should be exported. However, Endow noted that you might want to test this .NET application in a test environment because it is not a commercial software release.

You can find the update here.

Clear company scripts and custom tables

On her Tips, Tricks & Thoughts on Microsoft Dynamics GP from a Canadian Perspective blog, Jen Kuntz discussed the clear companies script that you can use to remove references to companies that no longer exist in your GP environment.

This script would be used if you have removed an old GP database, for instance, and the GP company name still appears in your Select Company drop down list.

The reason Kuntz wanted to write about the clear companies script was because she had an issue setting up some scripts to automate the process of restoring from PROD to DEV in the dev/test environment for GP.

Kuntz said the clear companies script kept failing and she received this error message: "Error: Conversion failed when converting the varchar value 'XXX' to data type int."

You can find out what the problem was as well as the lessons she learned here.

Dynamics GP 2018 R2 – transaction level posting allows posting "through" the general ledger

On his Dynamics GP Essentials blog, Mahmoud M. AlSaadi pointed out that with the release of Dynamics GP 2018 R2, the system now allows users to post transactions without a batch. Post through for transaction level posting has been a problem in GP, but it has now been addressed, according to Mark Polino, who said this is a big change.

AlSaadi stated that because the transactions will post through the general ledger, you won't have to post them again from the general ledger level.

In order to allow transaction level posting with "Post Through" option, open the posting setup window from Microsoft Dynamics GP > Tools > Setup > Posting > Posting

A new option is added under 'Allow Transaction Posting,' which is: 'Post Through General Ledger Files.'

You can see the list of windows that have an option to "allow post through with transaction level posting" here.

Dynamics GP crashes or closes when emailing after Microsoft Office update

On his Azurecurve blog, Ian Grieve referenced a recent post on the Dynamics GP Support and Services Blog that noted that GP crashes when emailing after the latest Microsoft Office update.

This officially effects all versions from Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 RTM onward, but one comment on the above blog post says it also effects Dynamics GP 2010.

In his post, Grieve pointed out the Office updates that caused the problem and explained how to find out which version of Office you're running.

You can find out how to resolve the issue here.

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