Microsoft Dynamics CRM MVP Advises on Summit Updates, Possible Convergence 2013 Themes

The annual MVP Summit is a big deal for Microsoft MVPs. For the rest of us, it is not much more than a reminder that MVPs know more than us and they can't share any of it due to a fearsome Microsoft NDA.

But Microsoft Dynamics CRM MVP Leon Tribe has gone the extra mile, taking his blog readers' MVP Summit questions, getting them ok'd by Microsoft, and coming back with approved answers.  The result is actually not all that much brand new information, more a confirmation of recently revealed news and inference.  But Tribe is able to reinforce some new developments and raise other interesting details, some of which have a good chance of getting some attention at Convergence 2013 in three weeks.


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MarketingPilot Changes

I really hope MS is not going to take the approach with separate apps.

Dynamics Marketing features will be available to CRM Online customers first, though as a separate application geared toward midmarket and enterprise customers, Dynamics Marketing will likely have a place in the on-premise world as well.

The pain with this approach is silo-ed data. There is generally very light integration, in some cases, none, between the apps. CRM is supposed to include Marketing, Sales and Customer Service. This is flaw with sfdc and their Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, Social Marketing Cloud, etc.

Related to this, in our experience, most customers are not happy with the diverging "forks" between online and on-premise. While some on-premise customer didn't like the faster updates, the majority want to have parity. This diverges too much from the Power of's now becoming much harder to switch from one to the other.

For those organizations that don't understand the business world is changing rapidly and it's no longer competitive to take a year between updates for the systems that are critical to their users, too bad. Your lunch is being eaten by more competitive and innovative companies. It's time to become more agile and keep up with the rapidly changing times and technology.