Is Microsoft Dynamics AX on Azure Too Pricey for Non-Production Scenarios?

May 30 2016

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Microsoft Dynamics AX on Azure Too Pricey for Learning Scenarios: I will give a very concrete example. I find myself between jobs. I am determined to learn more about Dynamics AX as part of my chosen career path and build upon my existing Dynamics AX certifications, professional training and experience. Last month I spent 160 hours in a Dynamics AX Azure cloud environment going though the Dynamics Learning Portal On Line Training and following along in Dynamics AX and do everything that the trainer does in the videos and following along with the Power Points and instructor notes and take my time to cross check and dive deep and resolve issues in the scenarios so that I can have a fully working environment as I learn. I have gone through a lot of the training modules; you can see the courses I have completed in my LinkedIn profile. All of this to say that 160 hours of Dynamics AX Azure time will cost me 258.49$. I continue with my self study and this month my invoice will be even higher. I am grateful to have this opportunity to do all of this studying to further my knowledge and experience with the product but as I prepare for my next role but at this rate I estimate an annual bill way over 3,000$ if I continue at this pace. I can also provide a break down on the monthly bill as an example. I think Microsoft has to revise their pricing strategy for people between jobs taking the time to learn their products to be better prepared for the job market, likewise for students, employees, independent contractors and employees of partners who are diligently taking the time to sit down and have a deeper and broader understanding of their products. Reginald Howatson Dynamics AX 2012 MCP.

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I just retweeted this article to highlight your point Reginald. Maybe we can have the discussion there?

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Reg, I hear you and I understand your point, but previous to this there was no way to access an environment. $3,000 is a good chunk of change but from my vantage point that is a good investment in your career. Glenn Rousseau

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In a world where cloud is better, less expensive, more fun and the next best thing, your article provides a balanced analysis of the pro and cons that is very interesting. So thanks