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From the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations Blogs: SysGlobalCache vs. SysGlobalObjectCache; Bulk editing; Asset leasing; Periodic journal entries

by MSDW Reporter
Editorial Team,

This week on the Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations blog roundup:

  • SysGlobalCache versus SysGlobalObjectCache in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations
  • Back to the feature: bulk editing in grids
  • How to use asset leasing in D365FO
  • Periodic journals vs. recurring journal entries in D365FO

SysGlobalCache versus SysGlobalObjectCache in D365FO

On the Docentric blog, Jovica Zivkovic wrote about two classes for caching data in Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations, describing and providing examples about the differences between SysGlobalCache and SysGlobalObjectCache.

In his blog post, Zivkovic first explained when you should use caching in D365FO, pointing out that you should only cache what is absolutely necessary because it can impact memory consumption as well as cause stale data, code complexity, and cache invalidation problems.

He then discussed how and when to use SysGlobalCache and how and when to use SysGlobalObjectCache. Zivkovic also wrote about troubleshooting and clearing the SysGlobalObjectCache.

[R]emember, SysGlobalCache is your go-to buddy for session-specific needs. On the flip side, if you're looking to share data across multiple sessions, SysGlobalObjectCache is your cross-session hero.

Back to the feature: bulk editing in grids

On his Dynamicspedia blog, André Arnaud De Calavon wrote that recently he was reading through the preview of the upcoming release of D365FO version 10.0.38. While reading though the what's new section and checking out the new records in feature management, he stated that he came across a particularly interesting feature called "bulk editing in grids."

Arnaud De Calavon devoted his blog post to sharing his findings when he tried out this new feature, which is a mass-update utility in the user interface that allows functional users to quickly and easily update content for multiple columns on a grid for multiple selected records.

After enabling the feature, he was unable to find out how the bulk edit works as he couldn't find any public documentation on it, nor could he find information when clicking on "learn more." He noted that the feature is available on any grid if the data source allows for editing the records. In his blog post, he provided a detailed example of editing user information.

How to use asset leasing in D365FO

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