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Implementation audit and reconciliation: 5 risk factors and 7 audit steps

by Don Riggs
Sr. AX Applications Architect, Business Process Improvement, Inc.

Your company has committed to an ERP implementation project, and you see a problem. It is still early enough to make changes. But you just got through major tasks like internal resource allocation, negotiations with your partners, and agreements on a project plan. Do you step on the brakes and address the issue head on? Or do you wait for a better time to look for a fix - at some unknown time in the future?

This scenario is all too common, and often the organization fails to take corrective action. There can be many reasons to let a risky project continue, but be aware of some early warning signs that can help you identify those risks and take prompt action.

Here are five of the most common risk factors.

  1. Lack of customer interaction with the new system. It is important that the customer team is included in the development of the business model. This is a learning opportunity and helps with business model acceptance. The business model also is the true validation of what was learned in the discovery process.
  2. No clear understanding of consultant weekly activities. It is amazing how little is understood regarding consultant weekly activities. You must have a clearly identified short-term plan, along with feedback based on the performance of that plan. It is your money, you must understand how it is being spent.
  3. Poor project visibility. All projects must have a long-term plan and we must understand where we are within it. Virtually all projects start with such a plan that allows managers to derive timelines and estimate costs. This plan is ...

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About Don Riggs

Don Riggs is a well-seasoned veteran with 25+ years of implementation consulting and 13+ years of Microsoft Dynamics AX experience. In his career, he has been involved in anything from helping design ERP systems, developing and marketing ISV solutions, to delivering a number of successful AX ERP implementations. As a regular participant in AXUG, he has delivered many courses and presentations. Don is considered by many to be an AX expert, particularly in the areas of inventory costing, manufacturing, AX project module, and implementation processes. Having attained APICS certification in the early 1980's, Don considerers himself a manufacturing consultant by trade and his love and enthusiasm for the industry has never waned. Always interested in new challenges, his branching out into other areas of the product has allowed him to become very knowledgeable in many areas. 

After a long and successful career, Don would like to share some of his hard won knowledge and experience, thereby giving back to an industry that has been very good to him. MSDynamicsWorld represents a most excellent vehicle to do that.

To learn more about Don and his company Business Process Improvement(BPI) visit their website at

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