Icertis launches Blockchain Framework for Azure to coordinate systems

July 1 2019

Enterprise contract management company Icertis announced that it will collaborate with Microsoft to extend its Icertis Blockchain Framework for Azure. The offering is intended to help coordinate blockchain systems, ensuring that data reads and writes to the right places. Out of the box, it supports Ethereum and Hyperledger, with the option to build adaptors for other blockchain systems.

With the exception of some work with Google, virtually all of Icertis' customers use Azure. As a result, "Azure was the way to go," Monish Darda, CTO of Icertis said in an interview. Icertis works "horizontally" with blockchain adopters in fields such as manufacturing, distribution, consulting and others. Companies need to first decide whether blockchain is right for their use case, but for scenarios such as ethical sourcing or tracking financial data he said it often makes a compelling case. Darda said:

You can add from trusted data sources including third party databases. Additionally, you can also define smart clauses that trigger transactions, depending on clause language or what you're trying to do. Finally you can exchange information with existing systems.

He added:

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