How Microsoft partners can successfully offer blended solutions

December 10 2018

For the integrators, vendors, agencies and resellers within the Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) — including those in the Dynamics world — the goal of all activity is to use Microsoft tools to drive a better experience for their customers.

Increasingly, this means being able to offer customers and prospects solutions beyond Dynamics. While being able to offer customers blended solutions that encompass other independent software vendors (ISVs) can be a competitive differentiator for businesses within the MPN, creating these solutions can present challenges.

The benefits and challenges of blended solutions

For partners, the primary benefit of offering customers blended solutions is the ability to be best in breed. While Microsoft offers tech stacks and full platforms around which customers can build their technology strategies, ISVs can play an important role in augmenting offerings. The reality of today's marketplace is that it's heterogeneous, and ISVs can often provide unique supplementary functions to Microsoft's suite of tools.

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