How do Contracts, Milestones and Projects flow between Dynamics 365 Project Operations and F&O?

July 16 2020

With the launch of Dynamics 365 Project Operations, users have lots of questions about how data flows between the new application and a Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations (D365FO) environment.

In this article, I will describe how the Project Operations data on Contracts, Milestone for Fixed Bid projects, and Actuals for T&M projects can integrate with D365FO using Microsoft's latest dual-write capabilities.

The following steps will allow you to integrate Contract, Milestones, and Actuals from Project Operations with a D365FO environment:

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rsam's picture

Is there an out of the box mapping solution for Project Entities like the Dual Write Orchestration Solution that can be used for existing Project data in order to sync from FO to Project Operations CE?

kgupta's picture

Yes, there are lot of existing Dual write maps that are create to integrate the data from CE to F&O.
For e.g. Project integration, Project contract, project milestones, etc.