Flows from the field: Virtual agents; Flow licensing; Custom Insight Cards; Sales form; Instant flows

July 8 2019

Dynamics 365 professionals put Flow to work managing virtual agents, look into the question of licensing, setup Custom Insight Cards and more.

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Virtual agent setups with Flow

Business Applications MVP, Sarah Critchley, writing on CRMCat, built off a previous post about setting up virtual agents. It's possible to streamline the Virtual Agent Experience using Flow, but according to Critchley, virtual agents "don't just allow any old Flow to be used." For virtual agents, flows must be housed as part of a solution and not within the environment, have the right JSON schemas, with an HTTP request endpoint as the trigger.

Critchley set up an endpoint for the bot to call, added in the JSON schema, created a new contact, case record and response item. She wrote:

If you want/need to return a response object to the bot, you NEED to include a Schema for it. It is not obvious in Flow as it is hidden under 'Show Advanced Options', but you need to expand this, and enter the JSON…

The riddle of Flow licenses

On Dynamics CRM Tip of the Day, one of the contributors responded to confusion about the common question of whether users need a Flow license run a process. Most Dynamics 365 licenses come packaged with a Flow license, but for users with Team Member licenses, it gets a bit more complicated. Flows owned by a licensed user for running processes can be triggered by a non-licensed user.

"If a user owns a Flow, that user must be licensed for Flow," the author stated. Users running an instant flow need to have a license. The same is true for team flows, that run in context of a user, often triggered by an update or upload. In general, a system administrator or service account can own flows required for system automation, plugins and workflows and the end-users won't need to be licensed.

Setting up Custom Insight Cards

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