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Easier Reporting: Microsoft Dynamics SL 2011 Gains on GP with Quick Query

by Jack Boyer
Founder, Boyer & Associates, Boyer & Associates

Last month I was reviewing a client invoice that I was sure had a rate that was too high. I was wrong. The rate was to go down once the prepaid hours were renewed but I was not aware of this. And I was well aware that investigating further could get complicated, and that the tools I had at hand would determine how I proceeded with my investigation.

At most professional services firms, a project can set its rate based on many different factors.  Since my firm implements both Microsoft Dynamics GP and SL solutions, I've seen first-hand the unique challenges and solutions for dealing with project accounting in each system.

When setting up rates in Microsoft Dynamics SL, the rate can relate to a combination of factors including project, task, labor class, individual, client or shift.  And the rate can be set up in a linear way so that the first rate it finds, in the order you define, is the rate that gets used.

Since we use Dynamics SL internally at Boyer, simply "looking up the rate" in a table was not an option. I would have had to look at multiple tables and screens. When I asked Tim Jones, our director of technical services, about it he suggested that we use SL's Quick Query option to make it easier to find the right rate. Dynamics SL has incredible flexibility when it comes to pricing projects.

Once Tim set this up for me, it was quite easy to ensure the rate was correct. And it did not take him long to create.

As Dynamics GP ...

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About Jack Boyer

Jack founded Boyer & Associates in 1994 with a vision to create a firm that could attract and keep the area’s best ERP consultants, developers, and business development people.

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Jack’s career began doing application and sales support for Solomon Software- the firm that created Dynamics SL. Jack was promoted to regional manager when the firm moved him from Philadelphia to Chicago in 1988.

Jack believes that finding the right software is only a piece of the challenge in implementing software. Without the right people to implement it, you only have half a solution. You need the right business analyst to flush out a company’s requirements and you need the right consultants to make the software align with those needs.

Jack has an honors degree in accounting from Penn State (1984) and passed the CPA exam while at Boyer & Associates.

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