DynamicsCon Live 2022 Preview: Dynamics 365 Warehouse Management System Tips and Tricks

September 6 2022

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On September 16, 2022, I’ll be presenting at the DynamicsCon Live 2022 event in San Antonio about several tips and tricks around Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management’s Warehouse Management System workstreams. I’ve always thought it was funny when people say ‘tips and tricks’. What is that exactly? To me, tips and tricks are anything that helps someone get past a challenge or makes their job easier.

There is always a lot of attendance at conference educational sessions that follow the formula of “[INSERT MODULE] + Tips and Tricks”. Sometimes those sessions are great and other times they’re a veiled attempt to sell an ISV or their services. Or they offer painfully obvious information. So this is my time to try my hand at it and give it my own spin using real world scenarios!

My primary goal for this session is simple: Assure that everyone in the room takes away at least one item that they can use immediately within the next few weeks. Tips and tricks do no good if they’re not utilized. None of the tips and tricks will require code promotions or ISV solutions. They will all come from implementation experience and were more than likely discovered while under pressure in the field. You can file them in your toolbelt to utilize when the right moment strikes. They will almost be sure to impress your friends and family. But they will be certain to save you time.

For one example:

A specialty retail company has 10,000 SKUs that are actively being moved between 20 distribution centers through transfer orders. The company went live on Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management and realized that there were no over- or under-delivery tolerances set for any of the items. Due to security compliance issues, the Excel add-in cannot be installed. The tolerances need to be set as soon as possible as they are creating several escalations within the warehouses.

Are you curious how you can solve this challenge quickly without modification or one by one data entry?

This scenario will be only of the 8 tips and tricks I plan to share, but I only have 50 minutes! And that 50 includes 5-10 minutes for questions, so it will be fast paced and to the point. There will also be demonstrations in the software itself. But the great thing about attending this event in person is that I’ll have three days where people will have full access to subject matter experts and sessions. Everyone is free to ask me questions or ask for follow ups on the session. So if you see a tip or trick that really peaks your interest, come find me!

I truly am excited to be back in person learning and sharing side by side with others in the community. I hope to see you there! Its going to be a fantastic line up!

About Justin Carter

Justin Carter has been in the Microsoft Dynamics space since 2007 in various roles ranging from developer to functional consultant to Project Manager to presales/solution architect. He is passionate with the retail/commerce and order fulfillment workloads but has extensive experience implementing the other modules. These days he has made it a mission to break down silos between the different Microsoft products and try to find the hidden opportunities not being taken advantage of. He has been a Microsoft MVP since 2014 and is active with blogging and social media as DAXDude.

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