Comparing Services and Pricing: How to Choose a Microsoft Dynamics ERP Hosting Partner

July 12 2015

A growing number of businesses are migrating mission-critical data systems to the cloud. However, deploying an accounting system such as Microsoft Dynamics ERP in the cloud comes with a unique set of challenges. 

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After spending 25 years as a Microsoft Dynamics Partner, Linda decided to sell it all and retire. Well….almost. She now works with partners to help them increase the value of their companies. She draws on her experience as a CPA and CEO leveraging her personal experience on buying and selling four companies (sold two for 100% cash). Her most recent sale of her Microsoft cloud infrastructure company to a private equity firm together with her networking with buyers has given her a unique opportunity to understand the latest valuations partners can expect to receive or pay for technology firms which she shares in her book Get Acquired for Millions: A Roadmap for Technology Service Providers to Maximize Company Value”.

Today she works with partner organizations as an M&A Advisor, helping CEOs prepare to sell for their maximum value. Linda continues to share her knowledge through speaking engagements and  her blogs and a number of tools and resources on her website. She continues to remain an advocate for women in technology through her association with Women In Technology and Women in Cloud. Stay connected with Linda on LinkedIn at:

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