Comparing Services and Pricing: How to Choose a Microsoft Dynamics ERP Hosting Partner

July 12 2015

A growing number of businesses are migrating mission-critical data systems to the cloud. However, deploying an accounting system such as Microsoft Dynamics ERP in the cloud comes with a unique set of challenges. 

About Linda Rose

Linda Rose has more than 25 years of experience with accounting and ERP applications and more than 16 years of technical infrastructure experience.  She is the founder and creator of multiple financial services based companies including RoseASP, an audit-ready cloud service provider for Microsoft Dynamics ERP customers and partners, including businesses that are new to Dynamics.RoseASP's customers are comprised of businesses large and small in a variety of industries, including manufacturing, life sciences, health, hospitality, franchising, and more. Linda also works with a growing number of Microsoft Partners to collaborate in delivering full-service Microsoft Dynamics ERP cloud hosting.

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