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Business Intelligence to Go

by Peter Ørum
TARGIT Product Manager,

Today's world is turning increasingly mobile. The average person is now spending 119 minutes per day on their cell phone. That includes checking email, social media, gaming, and texting on top of traditional phone use (you know ... making phone calls).

In fact, doing a quick Google search (on my phone) pulls a plethora of studies stating that now half of unique email opens are done on the go. And that number continues to grow. That's a huge amount of business that is now being taken outside of the office. If you're sitting behind a desk all day, chances are whenever you're on the move, you're still connected to work in ways that didn't seem possible not long ago.

Today's workforce is fully immersed in the immediacy of the internet. We want data and we want it now. Businesses are adapting quickly to the mobile trend, but without the right tools, it's impossible to keep up. These days, mobile phone, email, and social media access aren't enough to keep up with today's increasingly global economy.

That's where mobile BI comes in. Companies can now keep tabs on their business intelligence on the go. With the right mobile BI capabilities, you can get immediate access to reports and analyses from home, on vacation, in a cab on your way to your next big meeting, from the golf course, or on location with a client. Decision makers are empowered to make better decisions faster and share them with colleagues instantly and dynamically.

Nice, but why do you need it?

According to Gartner, by the time the ball drops this New Year's Eve, over 90 percent of companies will support their applications on mobile devices. Without a doubt, 2014 is the year of mobility. Even more ...

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About Peter Ørum

I have been with TARGIT since 2006. I'm an expert in the field of Business Intelligence & Analytics, and my resume includes the project of implementing Business Intelligence at Tommy Hilfiger. I currently reside in Tampa, Fla., but am originally from Denmark. I blog about my specialties at TARGIT, including Business Intelligence functionality. Some of my skills are related to SSIS, Data Warehousing, and OLAP.

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